February 1, 2024

Online Prehab course

Prehab Course for
Partner Acrobatics:
Unlock Your Full Potential



Unlock the full potential of your partner acrobatics practice with our specialized Online Prehab Course! Designed for practitioners like you, this course goes beyond traditional training, offering a unique approach to enhance performance, prevent injuries, and cultivate a sustainable and thriving practice.

Years of experience teaching Prehab classes during Partner Acrobatics courses and refining the method, has lead to being able to offer you the best combination of exercises to complement and benefit your acro practice – all into one course!
Enroll now and receive a Certificate of Completion, showcasing your commitment to sustainable training and injury prevention.


WHY you should purchase this course

Whether you are new to the acro practice or are practicing for multiple years, both your body and your practice would benefit from the exercises included in this course. Acro is addictive and we prefer to keep going all day long. However, to balance out – for example – the pushing nature of the practice, it is important to add specific movements for stability, coordination and mobility.

1: No equipment needed 2: No partner needed 3: Save money
Whether you are in your living room, the park or the gym, you will be able to perform all exercises – no equipment needed so no excuses. Even though acro is a partner practice, with this course you can improve your acro skills without a partner. Perfect for when you don’t have one available. No need for a private coach or a gym membership; specific exercises that will benefit your acro practice – all together in 1 course on a platform you can access from anywhere!





”Prehab for Partner Acrobatics is the best place for people that never want to stop doing Acro”


This prehab course is for you is your recognize yourself in one of these scenarios:

NEW TO ACRO > You recently discovered acro and cannot get enough. Prehab helps you level up fast and prevent injuries.


SEASONED ACROBAT > You have been doing acro for a long time and have (had) some (minor) injuries. Prehab balances out your acro practice to heal from current injuries and prevent them in the future.


REDISCOVERING ACRO > Whether it was a big life change or just life happening, if you get back into acro Prehab prepares your body to be able to do all the tricks you did before and more.


blankA Prehab Course
Catering To Acrobats
Developed For and By
Partner Acrobatics


What to EXPECT from this Prehab course

This Prehab course is divided in 4 modules. The modules are set up with an increasing demand and difficulty of the exercises. Depending on your level of physical fitness and familiarity with the method, you might feel you want to skip a module. The course is designed to loosen what is tight and tighten what is loose and therefore we recommend to follow the course plan. You might be able to compensate what you lack in mobility with strength, but the idea is to balance out your whole body.

Module 1 – Reconnect and Restore Module 2 – Develop and Explore
This module is to start understanding the principles of body form and breath in movement. You will safely mobilise your joints and start building up strength for the next levels. The second module will start challenging you with isolating body parts and efficient core engagement. Use the previous module to warm up if needed.


Module 3 – Control and Endurance Module 4 – Apply and Intensify
This module will increase the demand for your muscles with strength focused exercises. The exercises specifically target the muscles that are underused in your acro practice. The final module combines all elements of the previous modules and adds the extra challenge. Feel free to stick to the previous exercises to build up the strength and mobility needed.



Get to know the CREATOR


We are thrilled to introduce the brilliant mind behind our Partner Acrobatics Prehab Course—Emily Baxter. With over a decade of experience in partner acrobatics and a deep passion for injury prevention, Emily brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this transformative course.blank

Yoga Wisdom: As a former yoga teacher, Emily seamlessly integrates the wisdom of yoga into the Partner Acrobatics Prehab Course. Drawing on her extensive experience, she intertwines yogic principles with targeted exercises to enhance flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.

Diverse Disciplinary Background: Emily is not just an acrobat; she is a perpetual student of movement. Her exploration of various movement disciplines has enriched her understanding of the human body. This diverse background inspires and empowers her to create a course that
transcends traditional training, offering a holistic approach to injury

Passion for Injury Prevention: Emily’s commitment to injury prevention is the heartbeat of this course. Having witnessed the transformative power of proactive training in her own practice and during the many trainings she hosted, she channels this passion into crafting a course that equips practitioners with the tools to thrive sustainably in the world of partner acrobatics.

Creator of Sustainable Practices: Emily envisions a community where practitioners not only excel in their acrobatics but also practice sustainably. Her dedication to fostering a culture of longevity and resilience sets the Partner Acrobatics Prehab Course apart an accessible and targeted training for Acrobats.



There is no better time to start then now


What students say about Prehab:


”I had the best time of my life with you guys, my body feels stronger and during the whole month to I never had any pain thanks to Prehab”

Teacher Training 2019





”I liked a lot all the exercises where you “extend” the hip (instead of flexing it) and the pulling exercises. Prehab is very useful to compensate our acro muscles”

Teacher Training 2018




”I appreciated Prehab a lot and thought it was super interesting and helpful for my acro practice!”

Teacher Training 2020




”Loved all the knowledge Emily managed to pack in the Prehab sessions. I would love to have a few more months to pick your brain about everything you know!”

Teacher Training 2020



Be part of the PREHAB community and receive
FREE access to these exclusive gifts:

Bonus 1

Certificate upon completion of the course to show your commitment to a sustainable acro practice

Bonus 2

Access to an online community of Prehab practitioners where you will be able to ask questions, create groups and help each other with accountability. There will be a live class every 3 months with Emily Baxter, only for the Prehab community.

Bonus 3

Instructions to incorporate the Prehab exercises into your daily routine and acro practice. When you choose the annual payment, you will receive a PDF with suggestions on repetitions, timing, load and sequencing.




The course is build up in 4 modules. The value of each module is €3,99 per month. To get the benefits of building up and balancing out your practice, we want you to have access to the whole course and therefore you will only be able to buy the entire course. For the whole course you will only have to pay €9,95 per month instead of €15,95. If you choose to pay annually, you will receive 2 months for free and only pay €99,- for the whole year. That is only €8,25 per month!

Reconnect and Restore Develop and Explore Control and Endurance Apply and Intensify
€ 42,95 € 42,95 € 42,95 € 42,95
or € 3,99 per month or € 3,99 per month or € 3,99 per month or € 3,99 per month


But you do not have to pay per module

We offer the all the modules TOGETHER in this course so the total will be:

€ 191,40

€ 99,-
or €9,95 p.m.




For whom is this course?

This course is created with Acrobats in mind. There are many specific exercises to balance out your acro practice. That being said, Prehab will benefit (almost) everyone, different physical levels, daily activities or flexibility levels. The course has 4 different modules and there is a build up in difficulty of the exercises. You can stay with module 1 for as long as you need, or use it as a warm up for the other levels. Everyone can Prehab!

How does the ‘Money back Guarantee’ work?

The 15-day Guarantee is the period you have to ask for your money back in case the course does not meet your expectations. This period is determined by law and applies to this course as well.

What is and how does the Certificate of Completion work?

Upon completion of the course, you can ask to receive a Certificate of Completion. This is your proof that you are committed to a sustainable practice and can be used to show you have the prerequisites for certain live events or courses Partner Acrobatics offers. Your account will be checked to determine how much of the course you have completed and we ask at least 2 months of regular practice to receive the Certificate.

How to access the course?

You will receive access per email. The content will be accessible from a computer, cellphone, tablet or other digital device that can be connected to the internet. You can also access the course on this page:

01 – Login on the Hotmart homepage – click on ‘Enter’

02 – Access the lateral menu – click on ‘My account’

03 – Click on ‘My purchases’ and find all the products that you bought

How to buy the course?

To buy this course, use any of the buttons ‘Buy now’. Depending on the timing, you might get a different offer. These offers are limited. After payment, you will receive immediate access to the course and the platform.

In what language is the course?

The videos are all in English. You can choose subtitles in English, French, German or Spanish. They are automated translations so if something very weird shows up, please let us know!

How are the exercises explained?

In the video Emily will explain step by step how to perform an exercise. The model is doing the moves as Emily explains so you can see what she means. Emily also corrects the model or explains common mistakes using the model. You will be able to read a description of the exercise in the notes below each video. This way you can choose whether you are a visual learner, you like to listen to the audio, like to watch the video first and then try, read the explanation or a combination of all.

Will I be able to ask questions?

You will be invited to a closed Prehab community after purchasing the course. This group is dedicated for answering questions and providing a community of acrobats dedicated to a sustainable practice. You can create your own group here to help each other practice regularly or give tips and comments on exercises or the training.

What if I do not like the course?

You will have 15 days to try the course and can get a refund if you are not satisfied. Even though the exercises are made for acrobats, you might not experience the same joy you feel when practicing acro. Remember that Prehab is there to support your acro practice and is created to make the acro part even more fun. The community might be able to help you keep up the good work and support you when you are having a hard time with the course.

Will new courses be included in the membership?

Most of the new content that will be created by Partner Acrobatics, will be included in the membership. With your membership you are supporting Partner Acrobatics and making it possible to create more courses. There might be some exceptions but as a member you will always be offered a special price to have access. The only exception we make is for people that sign up in the first weekend of launching. They will have access to ALL COURSES we add to the platform for the special price they receive for signing up early.

What is the price of the course?

The value of the course, combining all modules, is €191,40. We decided to only offer the course with the 4 modules included, to make sure you can benefit from it’s build up. Instead of €15,95 you will only pay €9,95 per month. If you decide to pay annually, you receive 2 months for free and only pay €99,- for the whole year.

What is included in the membership?

You will have access to the Prehab course and the Prehab community. When Partner Acrobatics creates more course, for example a ‘Handstand for Acrobats’, most of this content will be included in the membership as well.

Why should I pay annually instead of monthly?

If you pay annually, you will receive 2 month for free and pay only €99,- for the whole year. You will also receive a PDF that will explain how you can use the course to create your own specialized training, with ideas on sequencing, load, repetitions and timing. If you still prefer to pay monthly, use this link.

I’m a student of Partner Acrobatics, can I get a discount?

Yes, (former) students of Partner Acrobatics receive a discount on the Prehab course. You will find a special discount code in the newsletter. If you did not receive a newsletter, check your spam or send an email to info@partneracrobatics.com

Does the platform have an app as well?

Yes. You can download ‘Hotmart’ as an app on your phone. You will need to create an account and after purchasing the course, you will be able to access it in your account.

I see something that does not look right..

That can happen. We just launched the platform and there might be some (hopefully just) small issues or typos. If you feel like a good citizen, send us a message and we will fix it as soon as we can!