Alexis Valenzuela Espinoza started his movement practice at the very young age of 6 with martial arts (Hapkido) in Brussels.
In his twenties he discovered climbing and it became his passion.
If he wasn't working on his PhD he was found on the climbing wall, preferably high up in nature with the winds soaring around him.
Due to an injury he couldn't climb for a while and it is in this period that yoga entered his life. At first he enjoyed the practice for all the physical benefits it held and promised.
After years of practice, he got deeper into the breathwork and philosophy of yoga, adapting his lifestyle. This culminated in a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh in 2019. His yoga style is powerful, focusing on inversions and arm balances. If you want to build the foundation to safely balance on your wrists, head or forearms go to his classes.
Around the same period, acroyoga came into his life, and before he knew it another passion unfolded.
In 2021, he quit his academic job to travel the world and has been deepening his yoga and acroyoga practice. He is a fan of all aspects of acroyoga, but has specialised more in icarians and h2h. As a hybrid he loves to be both balanced and balance people.
Since September 2022 he has settled in Vienna and wants to pass on his passion for yoga and acroyoga.
Together with Hannah Zora, his partner and co-teacher, he founded @acroyoga.vienna (Instagram).

You can follow Alexis on Instagram (@acrochili).