Ally Schober

Ally’s desire to find a passion that will guide her with courage and clarity through life has inspired her to follow her curiousity. A curiousity that is drawn to find connection between humans and to find connection between the mind and the body.
The recent years of 2023/2024 gifted her many passions, where those desires are mirrored, with one of them being Acroyoga.
It started with a small impuls and turned into the knowing that she wishes this art of movement to be a part of her life, experience it with this wonderful community and invite others to join.

Her style of teaching could be described as "aesthetic acro with a holistic approach“. However a better name has yet to be developed.

"Aesthetic" is talking about the intention to connect the tricks with creative transitions, all kinds of washing machines and strengthen the flowing sensation of dancing together. Whips and whip pops will also form an important part.

"Holisitc" in this sense describes the importance of understanding the role of the mind and how to care for a body that is confronted with a lot of physical impact. This defines the practice of prehab, warm-up and physical therapeutics not only as a necessity, but as an essential part of acro.

Acro yoga is not only teaching us tricks, but gifts us the opportunity to work and strengthen our mind and character. Her teachings have the intention to help understand how to use the mind to support the body in training muscle memory and build the trust in your own ability to learn.

And with all this in mind, to remember the joy of just playing together with this fun art of moving.

Instagram: ally_schober

+43 6764600431
Australia, Europe, North America, South America