Ana Paula Arribas Bermejo

My name is Ana Paula, I am very enthusiastic person, full of energy and creativity. Lover of traveling and people. I am psychology, ayurveda and thai massagist, yoga and acroyoga teacher.
I discovered acro in 2012, when i was living in Scotland and i felt in love with it, it helped (and still it is helping) me to conect with people around the world, to lose my fears, to find another way os comunication, to be become stronger mental and fisically.
I traveled around India for almost a year where I studied yoga and massage which help me to be more conscients about myself and understand better another people and their bodies.
Nowadays, I live in Spain, Segovia,where i teach yoga and acro, as a mental and body tool, as a way to conect more with yourself and other, a way to build compasion and to have and amazing time full of fun, to conect with our internal child.
I want to share this discipline with other because i feel so greatfull of everything acro is gaving to me.

+34 616 82 15 75