Enter the playground of life

Who is Bart Bendie?

Around the year 2001, being employed as a technician, I got introduced to yoga. By taking classes from various teachers I discovered the many varieties of yoga, and discovered who is responsible for my health and wellbeing.

In 2014 I decided it was time to lock my toolbox for good and to change the heading of my life. I was open for new content and attended a Thai-massage course, meditation workshops, several AcroYoga immersions and an Anusara yoga teacher training.

The theory out of these educations and the practice out of the lessons of my life; all of them contributed to getting a deeper insight in the mechanics of the human body and the limitlessness of the human mind.

What is his vision?

The alignment of the body and mind I believe, are crucial for a supple and sound functioning of the whole. No single body is alike and neither is any mind a produce of the mass. Therefore I choose to start off with a rule of thumb approach, to be followed up by an individual fine-tuning, to deepen the personal experience.

I like to make you aware of what happens on your inside and to distract you from the illusion of importance of having a perfect shape on the outside. The slower and deeper shapes are my preference to work with, although I do enjoy adding some acrobatics every now and then.

In my classes I like to balance between serious and silly. The discovery of new personal aspects can sometimes be somewhat strenuous, but when done with sense of humour, the experience of growth changes from ‘I have to’ into ‘I wish to’.

What does his class look like?

In order to make the mind stronger and more flexible, every class begins with a philosophical reflection. A new theme every week allows you, by asking yourself some questions, to investigate and expand the boundaries of your thought patterns.

From this state of relaxation, slowly we commence straining. Gradually the intensity increases while you move through postures that I picked for each class specifically. Because everyone experiences these poses differently, there is no wrong or right. The personal recommendations that I give, allow you to examine your boundaries. With the help of every breath I encourage you to sink deeper into your body and experience the effect of that examination.

Each class is ended in the same tranquillity as the one we started with. The depth in your breath, the relaxation in your body, the silence in your mind and the smile on your face are the well-earned presents that you take home with you.

More information about Bart can be found on www.bendie-yoga.com

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