Carú González

Bachelor of Education, massagist, climber, traveller, lover of sports, nature and all its creatures. He has done several training courses and workshops related to acroyoga, yoga, acrobatics, capoeira, massage and body work. His passion is to do what he loves and sharing it with others, with a social and humanitarian vision, inspiring and sharing his practice and experience with other teachers from different places and taking his practice to places such as hospitals, prisons and youth centres.

Since 2015 he has been organizing and participating in workshops, classes and retreats in different parts of Spain, Germany and Morocco. He is an inspiring person who transmits his passion for what he does wherever he goes, flying to all Persons found along the way, from the smallest to the elderly, people with special needs, friends, acquaintances, workers, travelers , athletes…

“Run, jump, dance, enjoy, walk, smile … give the best of yourself without looking at who ..”