Cat Lenain

Cat is a London-based teacher whose enthusiasm for partner acrobatics comes from a deep appreciation of the healing powers of playfulness, movement, and working collaboratively. She is a doctoral-trained Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and adult, teen and child yoga teacher; these disciplines and her love of the performing arts inspire her own acrobatics practice and her desire to share this with others. She has been learning and training with teachers across Europe since 2017, deepening her practice wherever possible through workshops, conventions and intensives.
Cat loves all things acro but has particular passion for handstands, standing partner acrobatics, whip-pops and icarians. As a teacher, she hopes to inspire her students to find the joy and creativity she has experienced through these practices and discover their own happy places. Cat believes that finding stillness in flowing movement, and finding your feet by being upside down, can be the magic ingredients to nourishing your inner child.