Chelsea Raymond

Chelsea grew up as a dancer spending most of her time exploring self expression through movement. After professionally dancing for 3 years in Las Vegas, she started to crave new challenges for her body; enter in AcroYoga.

She immediately fell in love with the empowerment and community that came with the practice. Acro was a way for her to reconnect with her strength, challenge her character, and introduce partner work on a whole new level. With freedom of expression still being one of her most important values, she loves to give her students the chance to discover their own personal touch to their practice.

Although high adrenaline movements are her favorite, she enjoys the precision and details embodied in slower flows. As a creative, she likes to focus on unique transitions and adding flare to basic skills. She is always looking for new ways to grow so feel free to share your coolest moves, philosophies, or facts about the stars (: