Ciara Bechinger

Ciara first experiences with acrobatics were as a child doing aerial silks and circus acro. Since visiting a workshop at a yoga festival in 2017 acro has grown from a hobby to a passion with Ciara's focus lieing mainly on same size flows and flying or basing standing acrobatics. With her day job as a soon-to-be-doctor she can pull from a deep understanding of biomechanics, physiology and psychology creating a sustainable practice. Her training has grown to include "prehab" and shifted focus to making complex skills feel effortless.

Ciara is a big advocate that size doesn't matter as much as technique and encourages her students to experiment in all roles. She values creating a safe space through empathy, encouragement and security for students to face their fears. Who hasn't experienced the jitters flying f2h or moving from L-basing to standing acro?