Damian Senior

Damian Senior
Damian Senior

Back in 2014 i was looking to increase my rock climbing performance, so i decided to take up Yoga in order to increase my balance and coordination skills. I quickly discovered that i wasn’t much of a Yogi, the relaxing atmosphere and high intensity exercises clashed in my brain to much. When browsing YouTube for Yoga videos, i came across a beautiful Acroyoga sequence and from that moment on i changed paths from regular Yoga to Acroyoga. The intensity of acrobatics was right up my street coming from a Background in rock climbing. Safe to say the majority of my teaching focuses on the acrobatic side of Acroyoga. I ask myself everyday why lift weights in the gym when you can lift people for free :)

When i am not practicing or teaching acrobatics, you will typically find me walking the slackline, climbing rocks or participating in street workouts like calisthenics.

Live like a hippy. Train like a beast!

United Kingdom