Dustin (Sascha) Sobie

Dustin (Sascha) Sobie
Dustin (Sascha) Sobie

Higher better faster stronger.
Work it harder. Make it better. Do it faster. Makes us stronger
More than ever hour after hour work is never overDustin’s ( AKA SASCHA ) PACRO (Partner Acrobatics) sessions are the hot, yet balanced, mix of serious work, dance hits and addictive fun.

He flew into the Ubud Acro scene late 2012 and hasn’t looked back since, attending classes, workshops and intense trainings, playing around, sharing tricks and teaching.

“ I get such a high from the connections with all the cool people and nailing new tricks. You cant beat it” – Dustin

His practice and teaching style are strongly influenced by international Acro stars Lorenzo/Emily/Niko. He fills the gaps with skills and drills furnished by his varied athletic background: track and field, gymnastics, circus Art, rock climbing and yoga amongst others. Perhaps the single most significant non-acro influence flavour you’ll taste in his sessions is that of Chance Kanfoush, widely regarded as one of the international leaders in body work and body movement.

You can bet to find sprinklings of Thai massage and Flying Therapeutics anywhere he goes as Dustin is certified practitioner of both.

Dustin is all about the sweet session arc; heating up with functional skill specific warms ups, moving up to kick ass tricks appropriate for the group skill level, lighting the afterburners with conditioning drills and finishing with a consolidating cool down and thai massage.

All you want, all you need.