Fanny started gymnastics from a very young age. In middle school, she also practiced team acrobatics, a discipline that combines gymnastics with acrobatics. She honed her skills as a gymnastics coach for ten years. She discovered acroyoga in 2020, a practice that resonates with her love for acrobatics, and combines fluidity of movement, connection with others, trust, and self-improvement. She is passionate about "flows," sequences of movements chained together with grace and harmony. "Whips" have also become an integral part of her love for acroyoga, as well as "icarians," which represent a constant challenge that she loves to take on. Her journey is that of a person who has found harmony, fulfillment, and accomplishment through the beauty of movement and mutual trust. Fanny wants to develop the acroyoga community in Strasbourg, France, and create a space for people to come together, learn, and inspire each other through the practice, believing in its power to foster connection and promote well-being.

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