Inanna Kalthoff

Inanna's journey with partneracrobatics began in 2015 in Kenya, Africa, where she did her first 2high on a field.

Inspired by the joy and excitement that Acro gave her, she started to train on a regular basis back home in Salzburg, Austria. While she progessed towards her Master's in Psychology, she simultaneously explored the wholely new field of movement- and bodywork. The more she levelled up, the more she fell in love with it. Her desire to become a teacher and bring new inputs to her hometown grew until - in summer 2018 - she finally took part in the teacher training.

Inanna is by now aiming to become a psychotherapist and hugely interested in combining psychotherapy and acrobatics. Other fields of interest are family-acro-workshops and, of cause, "day-to-day" acro.

+43 676 97 200 77