Jolien Heetkamp

When I was a little girl, my parents took us to the circus and I loved to re-enact the acrobatics shows in our living room with my sisters. Ever since I have been dreaming of running away and joining the circus.

With my experience in acro gymnastics/sports acro when I was 14 and the knowledge I gained during my studies in Human Movement Sciences, I got a head start when I discovered acroyoga. I already understood the idea of basing and therefore mostly based during the first years of my acro practice. More and more I'm flying too and love the fact that I can say that I'm a hybrid!

Teaching acro comes natural to me and I love to guide people in their first flights as well as give some extra technical tips to more seasoned practicioners. I can get pretty nerdy when it comes to technique and might expain acro with my science hat on. Whether you are a base or a flyer, I understand your role and probably your struggle as well..

After all these years, my dream came true; I ran away and joined the circus. I'm travelling the world, teaching and practicing acro and organizing the next Partner Acrobatics events ;) See you soon?!

Europe, South America