Jolien van Haaster

During her study at Codarts University of Arts, Jolien found her love for teaching and the joy that comes with sharing her passion for movement and art. As soon as she graduated Dance in Education she joined the Flying Seagull Project; a charity that spreads love and joy over the world by sharing music, dance, circus and arts with disadvantaged children.
After years of teaching dance classes, performing and choreographing she found herself and her friend Jessie walking into an AcroYoga class in India. It was love at first sight! Immediately the pair of them fell in love with the combination of physical challenge, the beauty of connection and the feeling of freedom.

She became a certified Partner Acrobatics teacher and Jessie and her started PLAY AcroYoga to spread Peace Love & AcroYoga as far as they can. Get ready for her open heart and loving and positive way of teaching. Before you know you are upside down and you will be hooked for life.

The Netherlands