Jonno Katz

Jonno loves to move and brings an extensive array of experience to teaching


He has been dancing contact improvisation for 20 years and trained at

Capoeira for 7 years. He is a multi-award winning actor, director and producer

of theatre and film who has explored a variety of improvisational forms such

as Viewpoints, Primal Theatre, Al Wunder, Plastique, Clowning, Buffont, Mask

work, Action Theatre and Authentic Movement.

He has been teaching contact improvisation for 5 years and recently started

running Expresso workshops – a performance ritual that combines Movement,

Theatre, Voice and Capoeira.

His teaching style is greatly influenced by Feldenkrais that he has been

practicing for 17 years. He encourages curiosity, effortlessness and ease of

movement, without any static end product as a goal. He seeks to engage

people’s imagination while providing a solid technical grounding. And above

all have fun.