Julia Leuenberger

Julia, since she was a child loved to do acrobatics and standing upside down on her head. Through her Yoga community she got into Acroyoga/Partner Acrobatics and was fascinated by the lightness and feeling of freedom as a flyer as well as the strong and grounded positions as a base.

Through training and teaching gymnastics for 10 years, she learned a lot of basics in strength, flexibility , balance and can use these skills for Acroyoga. Julia trains and teaches Capoeira Angola, a Brazilian art that includes dance, acrobatics, music, culture and philosophy. She studied physiotherapy and works as a certified manual therapist in a sport physiotherapy practice. She can share her knowledge in anatomy, health, body function and medicinal training therapy.

As a partner acrobatics teacher she would love to share her joy, playfulness and knowledge. There is so much to learn about your own body abilities and about how to work together with other people in a safe way. It is great to overcome fears and insecurities and learn to be stable and strong in the positions and movements you do. And last but not least: It is fun!

Bern, Switzerland