Julio has always been curious about learning and practicing different sports. He graduated in Sports Science with emphasis in ”high performance athlete training“. This knowledge he brings into his acro classes and it helps him to make people fly higher in his own practice.
His life’s philosophy is that he can only control his own actions as well as “The plan is, there is no plan.”, which allows him to live day by day in synchronicity with the universe.
In his classes he wants to show his students how amazing and capable they are! With his joyful way of being he provides a safe environment and always has an open ear. Giving hugs is his way of expressing his affection (to all the beautiful people who come along his way). Philosophical and deep talks are his kind of conversations.
Love is his language and peace is what he wants.

He loves practicing standing acro, icarians and whipops. If you want to build your skills with fun, empathy, respect and love you should join his classes. 😁🥰


Europe, South America