Kendra Charts

Kendra Charts has a love for adventure and living life. Growing up on three different Native American Reservations in the Southwest she was shown at a young age the sacredness of nature and all the wisdom it holds. Kendra is a teacher of Partner Acrobatic Yoga, Slackline Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Ayurvedic Self Healing. Inspired by these fun and challenging practices throughout her life, she believes that we can all confront fear, trust and communication issues, and disconnection with each other and the world around us with fierce grace. Kendra creates and strengthens communities for individuals and couples desiring growth, encouragement, confidence, dedicated and loving connections, emotional intimacy and deeper relationships. She has been teaching the many disciplines she is passionate about since 2009, is on the YogaSlackers teaching team, is certified to teach yoga and as an Ayurveda educator. She has taught at colleges, yoga studios, corporations,yoga conferences and festivals. Originally from the United States, today she and her partner Francis Tabin work with students through private coaching, retreats, workshops and online courses as they travel, explore and adventure around the planet.