Kira Krick

Kira Krick is based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has a gymnastics background from age 5. She transitioned into partner acrobatics in 2013 and fell in love with the possibilities of what humans are capable of when you have 2 or more acrobatics working together! She completed the Partner Acrobatics teacher training in Thailand in Jan 2015. Since then she has taught weekly classes and periodic workshops at AcroBody studio, Walk in Wellness: Mind and Body Center, and the Circus Farm. She specializes in the healing arts of flying therapeutics and Thai bodywork. On the up-beat side she specializes in standing acrobatics, dance lifts, and performance acrobatics. She also performs: aerial silks, stilt walking, fire dancing, handbalancing, and hula hooping. Kira is currently completing the program to become a Naturopathic Physician at SCNM and will be a doctor in 2020!

North America