Lara-Lyn has been involved in movement since she was a wee lass. She started with ballet but at 6 years old already her wild spirit and desire to be free was considered undesirable for such a classroom and so on she went to play in the field and dabble in all the other sports she could find. Around 20 years old she started to target performance arts, movement studies, dance and acting. She got a black belt in kickboxing and began an on-again off-again relationship with yoga which ultimately lead to her becoming a yoga teacher after 12 years of practice. Then, one fine evening, a strange Finnish man introduced Lara-Lyn, her black dress and lime green panties, to Acro, and finally she found her place ... upside down on someones feet. Since then the addiction has been real and the passion of sharing all of these movement arts with the world was only natural. She is also a certified Thai Massage therapist and owns a yoga studio back home in Namibia. Each year she travels to far and distant places in search of more arts to learn and more people to share with.

Africa, Europe, North America