Luana Graziano Giunta

Luana comes from Sicily, the island in the south of Italy. She always loved the sun, the sea, the water and swimming, which is the only sport she practiced during 10 years since she was very little kid.
Only few years ago she started to feel attracted by some disciplines related to the circus and the acrobatics but she didn't really know from where to start.

When she started to play Acro, she understood it was the thing she was looking for: a perfect mix of movement, balance, power, acrobatic, adrenaline and fun; an amazing journey through self-discovery and empowerment that can be easily accessible for a lot of people.
In fact, to play Acro you don't need lots of equipment or necessarily money, and you can play it (almost) everywhere.

But the things she appreciated the most about this practice are the values of cooperation, solidarity, inclusion, trust and respect that it brings among the people.
For her, Acroyoga means, sharing, helping each other, creating community, getting over our fears and improving our skills together.

She thinks that these values are essential in the society, and she thinks that practicing Acro is a very healthy and funny way of sharing them.
The things she likes to play the most are the whips, the whip-pops, the icarians and the flows with side stars.

The last - but not less important - fact about her: Cumbia is the music of her soul and she also loves to dance Salsa!