Mito FlyingMonkey

The most important thing for my practice as well as for my teaching is joy. And mostly when we enjoy

what we are doing is when we also learn most.

In most fields of life I love variety and diversity. I always loved sports, movement and improving my

body awareness so I tried lots of different things, but it was at the International Acrobatics Convention

2013 where I finally discovered the name of the sport combining all the different aspects that I love –


In acrobatics we play, learn and grow on so many different levels. We can improve our fitness and

health, the awareness of our bodies and the way we use them. We even gain a lot of social skills since

we work together with others. We have to learn to trust them and to connect to them on a verbal

level as well as on a physical level. In the beginning when practicing a trick we need efficient verbal

communication. It can be really challenging to precisely say what you feel or need from your partner

(or spotter) while maintaining balance and concentrating on what all the parts of your body are doing.

Ultimately to succeed in a difficult trick we completely connect to our partner, verbal communication is

not necessary anymore, our bodies move as one.

For me there is even a spiritual aspect to Acro. Physical practice with a maximum of concentration on

various different parts of your body and the one of your partner often automatically puts the mind in

kind of meditative state where nothing matters except for the moment. There is no room for thinking

about anything else than what you are doing right here, right now. All the concerns of our egos, all

our daily thoughts and worries fade away and we come back to what really matters in live. This very