Nadine van den Berg

Nadine believes with all her heart that Acro makes an important contribution in today's society. A kind of non-verbal world language conveys trust, inner development, physical closeness and playful forms of movement.

So Nadine did her partner acrobatics teacher training in Argentina without being able to speak a word of Spanish and without knowing anyone before and had the best and most instructive time of her life. After 12 years of gymnastics and parallel bars training, Nadine found her greatest passion in 2014 at a huge Acro Jam in Berlin. Since then she has been training several times a week and learning from Partner Acrobatics, Acro Yoga Montreal, Move Chi, from extensive jams and colorful festivals. Combined with her yoga background and work in the creative industry, she brings playful moves, versatile flows, technical details, good music and a large pinch of joy and lightness to the mat.

0041 76 469 53 35
Europe, Switzerland