Nectaria Triantafyllou

Born and raised in Greece, since she was a little child she wanted to reach for the sky and touch the stars. At age of 4 started her journey by attending classes of rhythm and movement where she found out that she can express herself through music and never stopped ever since. .she took ballet classes for several years. Her flexibility and her love for music helped her to become a gymnast by the age of 15. At the age of 19 she had a degree in ballroom dances and by the age of 21 in Latin dances in American and international style ( member of IDTA). The love for kids made her to attend classes for kids with special needs. In 2014 she started aerial arts. In 2017 she started capoeira and her apilido is Tagarela. She moved to the Netherlands during covid where she discovered acroyoga. Now, she wants to combine all these things and inspire other people to move and have a healthy way of living.

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