Reetta Sojakka

Reetta discovered the joy of acro yoga in 2015, and over the years, lead her to start teaching workshops and at retreats.
For her, acro is an incredibly empowering practice that she deeply enjoys. She finds great fulfillment in sharing the playfulness, fun, and connection with others that acro brings.

In addition to being a yoga and dance teacher, Reetta has been on a personal journey of body awareness since a young age. She has completed extensive training in various styles, including hatha, yin, yoga therapy, vinyasa, pre- and postnatal yoga, and pilates. Alongside her yoga expertise, Reetta has also studied contemporary dance and somatic work during her time at university.

In Reetta's classes, a haven of inspiration and soulful warmth awaits.
Within her guidance, a sanctuary takes shape—a space where everyone, regardless of background or skill level, can blossom into their truest selves.

In a world seeking authenticity and connection, Reetta offers a guiding light, helping those who wish to explore the transformative potential of acro yoga.

Finland, Morocco, Spain