Sannetta Us

Sannetta Us
Sannetta Us

I started my Yoga practice in 2008, practicing Ashtanga, Kundalini, Iyengar and Yoga 23. I discovered how important it is to listen to what happens in my body, where the energy goes, how to following the breath and meditate in asanas.
When I was pregnant I kept my practice, spending a lot of time on relaxation and stretching. After giving birth I felt I could share my yoga experience and I completed a Yoga teacher training in Russia based on Fransuaza Fridman method, which helps women be relaxed and patient.

My experience in acrobatics started with Acroyoga, studying with Jason Nemer and Pau Castellsagué in the Barcelona Yoga Conference.
Then I finally participated in the Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training in Goa with Emily, Niko and Lorenzo. During the training I realised that Partner Acrobatics is not just a physical practice but has much to offer in the realm of trust and opening to your partner, something you can extend into real life. That experience made a big change in the way I’m teaching my classes today. I love sharing this practice with others.
I wish for my students: to find yourself, to be honest and always have fun!

Moscow, Russia