Scott Cashins

Scott Cashins
Scott Cashins

Scott is an acro junkie, with a need for strong and regular doses of washing machines, pops, and flows to keep his soul smiling. It’s not just the funk-ified flows and heavy popping washing machines that nourish him though. It’s the love of trust, of connection, of challenge, and ultimately of triumph shared between flier and base; the spoken and unspoken human puzzle of partner acrobatics and the sweet surrender of flying therapeutics. Scott teaches in way that is playful and open to self discovery. He believes the real joy of the practice is through practice; in the moments when surrender and strength create spontaneous laughter. Scott works with his students to allow them to enter the present moment, work through challenges, have fun, and discover their own personality in their practice. He enjoys working with adults and children in classes, workshops, schools, team building and retreats.

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Tasmania, Australia