Sergio Rodriguez Ortega

Introducing Sergio, a passionate mover whose journey into acroyoga began in the US back in 2015. What started as a casual interest has now become a deep-seated passion. Sergio's acroyoga exploration has led him to embrace icarians, L-basing, and standing the most, valuing both basing and flying roles. He fervently advocates embracing both roles within the practice.

Enrolling in teacher training showcased Sergio's commitment to fostering a vibrant acroyoga community in his hometown in Gran Canaria. He prioritizes inclusivity, safety, and fun in his teaching approach, creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued.

Beyond acroyoga, Sergio's movement journey has been diverse. With a decade of rock climbing under his belt, he intertwines climbing and hiking, finding harmony in nature. He's also a devoted practitioner of calisthenics, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Latin dance, showcasing his well-rounded athleticism and passion for varied movement forms.

Sergio's journey exemplifies the transformative power of movement, uniting his diverse interests into a cohesive and inspiring story.