Yael Margalit

Yael Margalit
Yael Margalit

Yael is an experience body mover, healer and a professional acro monkey. She began this journey after
happily hanging up her medical lab coat in 2011, and diving into the world of manual and movement
therapies. She discovered what she wanted most in her life was to move her body, give and receive
massage and follow the sun. She was introduced to acro on her first Thai massage course in 2010.
Since then, she has been traveling the world turning herself and others upside down in the pursuit of
fun and connection.
Yael is a certified yoga teacher and practices a broad range of manual therapies, including clinical and
sports massage as well as Thai yoga massage. Given her background in manual healing arts, her initial
attraction was to the therapeutic aspects of acroyoga. Her interests have since shifted to the more
dynamic and creative acrobatic components of the practice. Brewing all these elements with her love
for contact improvisation Yael offers a unique approach to teaching multi level yoga and partner acrobatic
Her wish is to continue exploring and learning from different cultures, schools and inspiring humans.
All the while, sweetly sharing her passion for manual and movement practices and leading by example
of fun, joy and sparkling authenticity.