Yannis Karampelas

My name is Yannis Karampelas, I am from Greece and since 2017 living in Bern, Switzerland.

Since I was a child, I was always into sports and movement starting as a "baby" with swimming, at the age of 6 (after trying a bit of basketball and football while still swimming and getting to know skiing) found the first big love in the world of sports: Tennis (trained mainly 8 years parallel tried volleyball and gymnastics on and off)

As a University student (Physiotherapy) I discovered a whole new world, the second big love. I was spending the biggest amount of time for outdoor/mountain activities (hiking, skiing and snowboarding, climbing as well as sailing)

Since I came to Switzerland I restarted with tennis and expanded the mountain knowledge (with backcountry skiing, mountain biking and a bit of paragliding and kept doing all the rest)

In the year 2020 between the big Corona crisis I discovered Acroyoga and from the very first time I knew it would be the third big love in the movement world… Since then I've been practicing acro yoga, handstands and movement non-stop, visiting regular classes, retreats, and conventions even attending in August 2023 the teacher training of the Partner Acrobatics. Right after that I started teaching acro yoga for the university of Bern and assisting regular classes… It is my new passion and I love to bring people (including myself) away from the floor, spinning, staying upside down, "flying", rotating and losing orientation. Hope to cu soon and play together…

Europe, Greece, Switzerland