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Join us for world class trainings around the globe. This summer we are in the mountains of southern Spain.
Go to Intensive & Advanced | Spain

Intensive & Advanced | Spain

Join us for a 1 or 2 week acro training. Lots of standing, pops, whips and much more. Advanced class options at all times.

June 12-25, 2021

Go to Teacher Training | Spain

Teacher Training | Spain

Join us next summer for a month long teacher training, lots of your own training, practice teaching and loads of fun.

August 1-28, 2021

Partner Acrobatics

Professional trainings to take you to the next level
Sustainable Training:
Play harder for longer

Our Partner Acrobatics programs cover many different acrobatic disciplines including standing acrobatics, handstand training, washing machines, trio tricks, Icarian games and much more.

This physical intensity is balanced out with our therapeutic sessions, which aim to heal and restore the body.

At the heart of our training programs is the concept of sustainability – Our Prehab program focuses on the use of proper alignment and the principles of sports science to increase performance and decrease the risk of pain and/or injury.


Our international multi-discipline team includes sport scientists, professional acrobats, body workers and movement specialists.


Founder and Trainer
Emily is constantly sharing and teaching whatever she can to inspire freedom of movement in people. She has extensive knowledge in postural realignment and body mechanics.


Mimi’s love of movement has resulted in certifications in yoga, Zumba®, Partner Acrobatics, levels I and II of AcroYoga® and Thai massage


Martin is a very experienced teacher of gymnastics, acrobatics and other fields of movement mastery. He recently completed a Masters degree in sports science.

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