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May 2016
Advanced Intensive

Advanced Intensive Training 9 days from May 20th to 29th in Andalusia, Spain

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Jul 2016

7 or 15 days of pure acro from July 4th to 17th, 2016.

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Aug 2016
Teacher Training

A Teacher Training in Partner Acrobatics where you can intensively train for 4 weeks. From Aug 1st to Aug 28th 2016

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Partner Acrobatics

Student testimonials

''This course went beyond my expectations, I loved every single moment. I really apreciated the teachers passion for acro and their teaching styles. It doesnt matter if you´re a beginner or advanced, this is for everybody who enjoys acro.''

''During this intense month I learned a lot about acrobatics, therapeutic bodywork, myself and about being in a group. This course is a life-changing event!''

''The Partner Acrobatics & Flying Therapeutics course was many different flavours of awesome.
For acro junkies like me, it's incredible how quickly you can progress and up skill when you train six or seven hours every day for a month.
Niko, Lorenzo, Emily and Mimi are talented, real, hilarious and totally committed to everyone's progress. Expect laughter, frustration, sweat, support, breakthroughs and moments of glory.''

Partner Acrobatics is an exciting practice that has been performed around the world for hundreds of years. The practice involves two or more people, with one person as the 'base' in standing or lying position, lifting, moving and supporting another person as a 'flyer'. The poses/moves can be static or dynamic, and can be practiced one off, in a sequence, or in a whole show. Its simply loads of fun.

We offer three types of trainings:

Our Partner Acrobatics programs cover many different acrobatic disciplines including standing acrobatics, handstand training, washing machines, trio tricks, Icarian games and much more. This physical intensity is balanced out with our therapeutic sessions, which aim to heal and restore the body.

At the heart of our training programs is the concept of sustainability – the use of proper alignment and the principles of sports science to increase performance and decrease the risk of pain and/or injury.
This element of our trainings is weaved into our Prehab program – a selection of exercises specifically aimed at promoting injury prevention, structural integration and correct movement technique for long term physical health and fitness. These include postural realignment exercises, resistance training and correct breathing techniques.

During our courses we often concurrently run 3 classes at a time, giving the students the option to choose between standing acro, L basing and therapeutics. Our therapeutic options include Thai Massage along with Flying Therapeutics and the One Minute Practice.
Flying Therapeutics is a bodywork practice where the receiver (flyer) benefits from a weightless, inverted and restorative treatment. It helps induce a deep and comforting connection with one’s inner child. For more information and videos, visit www.flyingtherapeutics.org.
The One Minute Practice  is a self care system empowering people to treat themselves using breath and micromovements. For more more information, visit www.one-minute-practice.com.

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