Alexander Schamne

Alexander Schamne
Alexander Schamne

Back then I was a little child, you know I loved to climb a tree, hang down like a monkey, or doing awkward handstands or wheels. Since then the passion did not really change, but the body grew af and the flexibility was not given anymore but was instead a hard work … and still is.

I was always passionate about doing acrobatics, creating flows together, and challenging my body. Dancing, Yoga, the Asanas, and Acrobatic flows became by time part of my daily life.

To deepen my knowledge, my understanding, and learning from others, I did my Yoga teacher training back in 2018 and Partner Acrobatics Teacher Training 2020. And finally, I can hold my handstand, but moreover, I learned how to teach it to others. And I love cats.

See you on Jams or somewhere else drinking Mate

Europe, Switzerland