Lorena Schneider

Lorena Schneider
Lorena Schneider

Lorena, better known as Loli, is a trained linguist who loves travelling and learning news things along the way. Ever since she stumbled across a crowd in the park stacking people on top of each other, she has found herself in a global community driven by teamwork, inclusiveness, and mutual support.

With a natural interest in language and communication, Loli quickly discovered the tremendous potential of acro not only as a playground that connects people from all walks of life, but also as a means to teach people to communicate their needs and boundaries through movement in a fun and safe space. She’s since been teaching regular classes and workshops, encouraging her students to switch roles and discover that they’re capable of more than they think.

Supporting people in their learning process and providing them with the necessary tools is what drives Loli as a teacher. In that sense: Don’t think of it as failed – think of it as pre-successful ;)

Europe, Switzerland