Marina HeavenOnEarth

Marina HeavenOnEarth
Marina HeavenOnEarth

Marina´s background as a holistic physio therapist, body- & energy worker led her 2009 to Chiang Mai, Thailand where she studied Thai Yoga Massage and experienced the bliss of Partner Acrobatics and Flying Therapeutics with Lorenzo and simply fell in love with this playful art of yoga. For her the balance between „Partner Acrobatic Yoga – the yang side“ and „Flying Therapeutics – the yin side“ of the practice offers a great way for transformation which she is dedicated to in her personal life as well as a therapist and teacher.

„The gift that the practice offers you is so much more than only a physical experience.
On a physical level you will develop more flexibility, strength, balance and body-awareness.
On an internal level it is a great way to observe your feelings and thoughts while you´re being upside down or facing challenging situations with your partners. There is the possibility to see your patterns and to transform them for your personal growth. It helps you to be present with what ever comes up through giving and receiving and being with others in a playful and safe way.
And the playfulness of acrobatic yoga brings so much lightness into the practice and helps you to connect with your inner child and forget the world and just be and have fun :)
Learning to communicate your needs in a loving- and kind way helps you in every situation in your life as you practice to speak your truth and trust yourself. The community is the foundation for me as this gives you all the support that you need to feel safe, loved and accepted the way you are.
Learning and growing together, supporting each other helps us all to become who we truly are.
And this is the spirit of partner acrobatics and flying therapeutics that I would love to share with joy and passion.“

Years of traveling, studying, working and teaching all over the globe as a freelancer to learn more about life, yoga and healing arts formed her personality, practice and work as a holistic therapist, hatha yoga and partner acrobatics yoga teacher. She is dedicated to empower her clients and students in their process of healing and self-realization with her light-hearted, joyful and nurturing energy.

Marina is currently sharing her service, which she calls HeavenOnEarth, in South Germany.
She believes that we create our own paradise as our own thoughts and actions create
Heaven or Hell. So her message to the world is: Live your life as if it is HeavenOnEarth!
And Partner Acrobatics is a big part of the Heaven in her life which she offers in a world-wide service through classes, workshops and retreats.

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