Susanna Thiel

"Susanna sure moves a lot", a teacher said about Susanna during 5th grade – meaning to point out that sitting still and her were two opposing poles. Susanna proved her right, especially during gymnastics and enthusiastic dancing. At the same time, Susanna was interested in people’s cooperation and society, in what keeps us together and what drives us apart as humans. This led her to study politics, history, and finally migration studies. She now works in migration policy in Düsseldorf, Germany, 2016.

During her studies in Brighton (UK), Susanna found her way to acrobatic yoga, which provided her with a worldwide community and a lively connection with other people – the yogic Sangha. At the same time, she rediscovered her love for movement - with others, but also during yoga practice.

Susanna sees acrobatics and yoga as a way to experience yourself and to connect with the world, and to explore boundless possibilities with lots of laughter in between.

Europe, Germany