Travis Sigley

Travis Sigley
Travis Sigley

Travis specializes in the silly and the playful. He, with one of his primary acro partners Zara, created Awkroyoga: the practice of taking all things aligned, beautiful, and technically sound and turning them inside out. He started his acro practice January 2009 in San Francisco and now travels and teaches around the world. Currently based in Berlin, he teaches and performs with acroyoga/acrobatics, dance, drag, immersive theater, and the titillating art of playing with your perception on what’s normal.

He dedicates his life to his various identities: movement artist, masseur, embodiment coach, musician, nerd, writer, tea drinker, community builder, joke teller, clown, and many more that he himself has a hard time keeping track of. Find him and play with him! You won’t regret it! Unless you will…

Asia, Europe, North America, Germany, Japan, United States